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Blinking Cursor but System not Booting on HP ProLiant DL160 G6 Server

Recently I experienced a strange problem with a HP ProLiant DL160 G6 server:

Sometimes after seeing the BIOS initialization messages, the system would not boot but just show a blank screen with a blinking cursor. After power-cycling, this problem sometimes would disappear and sometimes it would appear again.

Frankly this problem puzzled me. Luckily, someone else had experienced this problem before and found the reason:

This problem can be caused by an incompatible KVM console. In my case I had been using a Sharkoon PS/2 to USB adapter in order to connect the system to an ATEN KVM switch (the server does not have PS/2 and the KVM switch does not have USB). After I connected a USB keyboard directly, the problem disappeared, even if the PS/2 to USB adapter was connected in parallel.

Unfortunately I have not figured out yet, whether the problem is caused by the adapter, the KVM switch or the PS/2 keyboard. Maybe I will try a different adapter and report, whether this fixes the problem.