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Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows Update Error 80072F8F

After installing the KB2919355 update, Windows Update would always present error 80072F8F when checking for updates.

Now, one might assume that this is the problem with WSUS 3.x that you can read about everywhere. However, in my case it was not. The WSUS server was using SSL/TLS, however it was running on Windows Server 2012 R2 as well. I looked into this problem for many hours and was mislead by two things: First, if you search for this problem on the Internet, there are so many articles talking about the well-known problem with old WSUS servers, that you hardly find anything else. Second, I also could not the WSUS site (or any other SSL-enabled site) in Internet Explorer on the affected machines.

I still do not know where the problem with Internet Explorer comes from - it might well have existed from the beginning and uninstalling KB2919355 did not fix it. The problem with WSUS however was indeed caused by KB2919355...

The certificate used by the WSUS site is signed by one of our internal certificate authorities. For some reason, which does not matter, the CRL for this specific CA could not be downloaded from the location specified in the server certificate. The server which should have served the CRL sent an HTTP redirect to an invalid URL instead. Before installing KB2919355, this did not matter. Windows Update was still working fine. After installing the update however, Windows seems to download the URL and fail the connection, if the CRL cannot be downloaded. Obviously, this is a much more secure approach. However, there is no message indicating the cause of the problem in the event log, so the administrator has to find the cause of the problem by trial-and-error. This is something Microsoft could really improve.

After fixing the problem with the CRL, so that it could be downloaded correctly, Windows Update worked again without any problems. I am just a bit annoyed because I spent nearly an entire day figuring this out...