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About this wiki

This is my personal wiki. It contains links and information which might be useful to me in the future. Some of the information might also be useful to other people, that’s why I keep it public, but pages in this wiki are usually not written with an external audience in mind.

In particular, this means that information on topics might often be incomplete, because only those sub-topics that were of particular interest to me (and that were not sufficiently covered in the primary documentation that I used) are covered in this wiki.

Virtuall all of the articles are written in English, but are a few very rare exception where German is the main language instead. If there are two versions of an article (English and German), the wiki will show you the correction version based on the language preferences set in your browser.

If you are looking for help on a particular topic, the best way to start is to use the search button (the one that looks like a magnifying class) at the top of this page and search for some keywords.

If you would rather navigate through topics, you can use the navigation menu to the left (or bottom, if your screen is narrow).